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When dealing with perishables, we need to ensure we maintain them in their right status at all times whether during transportation or storage. For that reason, it is essential to take proper measures when transporting them from point A to B. Cold room for mobile cold storage rooms which can be assembled on trailers model number VAC H-20 comes in handy.


Qualities of a good cold room with windows ac

  • An excellent cold room with windows ac should be easy to maintain and repair. This means the maintenance can be done by even by a layman without the need of a specialist unless something more complex needs to be fixed. This assures you of consistent service.

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  • The cold rooms with windows are entirely fitted during purchase. However, there is the need for regular maintenance by an expert who is locally available. This improves the quality of service the cold room offers you and improves its durability as well.

  • These cold rooms are not only easy to assemble with just minimum help from a technician, but it is also easy to modify. At the same time, they save a lot in terms of maintenance and operation fee compared to many other cold units available in the market.

  • For you to install the ac of these cold rooms, you will not need an expert since anyone with technical skills can comfortably do it. This makes it easy and cheap to use.

  • Before settling on the best model to purchase, make sure it has a warranty of not less than two years. This is the easiest way of knowing the quality of the cooling unit. Any company that gives you less warranty simply shows they don’t have enough trust in the quality of their product.

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  • Cold rooms with windows ac use very little energy when compared to other conventional cooling units. For that reason, they also don’t need to be maintained as regularly as the traditional units do. These are the best units to choose if in need of a unit that will save your electricity bill by almost a half of what you could pay if you were using the regular conventional cooling units.

  • The fact that these cold rooms consume very little electricity makes it possible for them to operate using small generators that produce standard current. This makes it very convenient for users even when there is a problem with the power supply in their area. This assures you of permanent and reliable preservation of your perishable at any time of the day.

  • Besides using a generator, cold rooms with windows ac have proven to be the best choice for users living in the remote areas. This is because they can also be operated using solar energy. This is because they require a single phase of power which is rated at 13 A. This is the same power used by many other regular home units. This makes it very cheap for the user as it doesn’t have many requirements for its operation.

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  • Last but not least, cold rooms with windows ace are the best to use at any given time if you need to transport your perishables. This is because they are easy to install in mobile trucks that are strong enough to hold the cold storage rooms. At the same time, the fact that it can use solar energy to operate them makes this a possibility. There are over 35,000 mobile trucks installed with cold rooms with windows ac around the world.