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Meat is a delicacy to many, and hence there is an excellent importance of ensuring it remains fresh all day. Cold room for meat storage Model Number VAC-H14 is the perfect solution for ensuring all your meat products are maintained in the right condition. A cold should, however, be kept in the proper term for it to serve you effectively. Below are a few tips for making different types of cold rooms.

Different types of cold rooms

There are two main categories of cold rooms for meat storage which are mobile and stationery. Mobile cold rooms are mainly used for meat transporters or small-scale meat dealers who don’t have enough space for fixing a stationery cold unit.
On the other hand, the stationary or fixed cold rooms for meat storage model number VAC-H14 is majorly used by big industries who deal with massive scale production of meat products. The size of the two types of cold units majorly depends on the needs of the user. You can either buy the cold room from cold room dealers or make one using a few tips given below.

The most common ways of making a cold room for storage of meat is by use of a standard air conditioner and a Cool Bot. It is, however, essential to ensure the temperature of your self-made cold room is safe for preserving your meat products to avoid spoilage.

If you are running a small restaurant or you are a hunter, you can opt for a cool bot which will come in handy for you. A cool bot uses the cooling power of the given air conditioner and makes the cold room safe for preserving your meat at any time.

The coolest thing about cold room for meat storage model number VAC-H14 is the fact that it can be used for meat transportation since it is easily installable on trailers, cabs of a truck as well as old buses. If you are a mobile businessman or a supplier of meat and meat products, this is the best product to work with.

This model has also been widely used by hunters to transport meat from the thickest part of the forest to their homes or place of operation. They also use this cold rooms to their clients and restraints which need instant meat supply.

Why you should use a cold room for meat storage in your hotel or restaurant.

  • They allow you to buy meat in bulk.

    Whether you have a big or a small restaurant, you can buy meat in bulk if you have a functional cold room for meat storage. This saves you on both time and money. This is because; you will be able to deal with suppliers and wholesalers if you make your purchases in bulk. At the same time, you will have a steady supply of meat on your premises.

  • Meat cold rooms for meat storage aids in waste reduction.

    The fact that the cold rooms for meat storage model number VAC -14 is meant to preserve meat, it ensures that it remains fresh for the longest time possible. This comes in handy for restaurants and hotel owners who might have an excess supply of meat.

  • A steady supply of meat

    Cold room for meat storage model number VAC -14 enables the user to freeze meat extending its shelf-life. This allows meat processing companies to store a large quantity of meat and hence, they will be able to serve as many clients as possible. The freezing factor of these cold rooms maintains the taste and texture of meat.