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It is essential to have ready food on standby in case you get visitors, or you are too bored to get to the kitchen and prepare something for yourself. This can only be possible if you have a cold room for food storage in your house. At the same time, the cold room will allow you buy seasonal foods in bulk and store them for future use.Cold room for food storage model number VAC-H3 makes this easy for you.

Different types of food storage in a cold room

The idea of having a cold room in your home is very ideal. It will not only save you money by allowing you to purchase foods in bulk, but it will also save you a lot of time. It might be tiresome to run to the shop on a daily basis to buy different foodstuffs, but when you have it in the house, it makes your work easier.

A cold room for food storage can be used to store different products. However, you have to keep a lot in mind before settling on what to save there. This is because there are foods that cannot be stored together while others require different temperature conditions to remain fresh.

Temperatures above freezing point but slightly lower than room temperature might be ideal for keeping different types of food in the right condition. At the same time, very few bacteria would stand such temperatures; hence your food will last for more extended periods under low temperatures.

If you want to preserve foods that easily get altered by the foods stored around them (easily absorbs their flavors), it would be wise to try a separate cold room for different food storage. Such products include basil. On the other hand, it is crucial to remember tropical and subtropical fruits cannot be stored in a cold room. Also, products like melons, potatoes, onions and garlic cannot be preserved in a cold room. This is because they might either go bad or their texture might be affected.

Qualities of a well built cold room

Proper-sized shelves

The fact that the cold room will be used for storing different food products makes it very important to make it spacious. The shelves should be roomy enough to fit different foods without any problem. Always keep in mind that the main reason for having a cold room in your house is for buying goods in bulk or preserving seasonal foods. For that reason, it might be used to store canned foods, packed products, and many other products. The shelves should, therefore, be firm enough to withstand the weight of the products to be preserved.

Make it your duty to check the condition of the shelves at least once in a year, and if there are any changes to be done, they should be done on time. You can also use bins or other storage means for storing root vegetables. The most important thing is to ensure that whatever you use, in preserving your foods is stable enough.

Enough space for moving up and down

A small-sized cold room can really be hectic to maneuver. This would either result in some parts not being used or foods stored at the far corner remaining there longer than it should. Before building a cold room, it is imperative to ensure it will leave with enough space to maneuver and walk around to either pick the preserved foods or use the shelves on the far end for storage.

At the same time, proper space ensures free movement of air, therefore, the products being preserved remain fresh for longer compared to those stored in a full cold room.