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A fresh flower is very attractive. For that reason, all the individuals involved in flower business be it the growers, suppliers or retailers, nothing matters to them than maintaining their flowers in the right condition. Cold room for storage of flowers having Model number
VAC-H8 does not only help you preserve the outlook of the flowers but the smell as well.

Tips for attaining the best results from your cold room for storage of flowers

Having a cold room is not all you need to ensure your flowers are maintained in their right condition for the longest time possible. You also need to know the rules of operating the cold room. Cold Room for storage of flowers model number VAC-H8 comes with an easy-to-understand manual that will give you the best results if you follow the instructions to the latter. Below are a few things you need to keep in mind when operating this cold room in preserving your flowers.

  • Check the humidity and the temperature of the cold room before using it:

    Although many people give little consideration to the moisture of a cold room, the truth is, it is as important as the temperature is. If the humidifier of your cold room is not in the right condition, it will positively affect the quality of the flowers preserved therein.
    The recommended temperature for storing most flowers is roughly 1 degree Celsius while the recommended humidity is 90-95%. It is therefore essential to have a cold room whose humidifier and temperature system can easily be adjusted to fit your needs.

  • Check the stems of the flowers:

    The quality of many flowers is affected by the stems. Long stems that have not been adequately trimmed leads to faster deterioration due to blocked minerals and bacteria as a result of squashed xylem. Although this is not a common problem to supplies, it is always important to re-check the stems of the flowers.

    As a retailer, ensure you get your flowers from a trusted source as many suppliers sell wrongly cut flowers to retailers since they know very little or don’t have any idea of its effects. If you discover the stock, you have is more likely to deteriorate, cut the stem in at a slanted angle using a sharp knife and that will go a long way in increasing its shelf-life.

  • Go for the right preservatives:

    Just as any other product, flower stabilizer is also added to the water in the flower storage container to preserve the flowers. Flower stabilizers have a great life support system that comes in handy in your cold room for storage of flowers. Below are the primary qualities of a flower stabilizer:

    • It is rich in sugar which helps in food production.
    • The essential minerals help the flowers to last longer.
    • It has an acidifier which lowers the PH of the water.
    • The bactericide property helps in reducing the bacterial activity.
  • Avoid storing dump blooms:

    The most favorable condition for growth and development of bacteria and fungi is dampness. For that reason, if you save damp flowers in your cold room, they will be more vulnerable to bacterial and fungal growth compared to dry blooms. Gerberas and lisianthus which mostly affect cut roses thrive very well in damp flowers.
    In addition to lisianthus and gerberas, Botrytis which is grey mildew has also been known to affect flowers, and it thrives very well in moist conditions. If you are not careful, you might end up losing millions of money since you cannot sell infected flowers even at a low cost.